What Do The Flowers Whisper Low

What do the flowers whisper low,
When the summer breeze is blowing?
Bend and listen, and you shall know;
They murmur, “Keep on growing.”

What other secret do they tell,
As they lift their heads so gaily?
This rings blithely from each sweet bell,
“You must have the sunshine daily.”

Then how they breathe from fragrant lips,
“You must shed abroad your sweetness,
And give to others in gen’rous sips,
If you wish for true completeness.”

so do the blossoms fair and sweet,
That adorn the earth with beauty,
The tender message to all repeat,
“You must do your highest duty.

“You may the earth with gladness fill,
And its darkness you may brighten,
As, daily doing your Father’s will,
You may help its load to lighten.”