What Does It Matter If Pilgrims By Your

What does it matter, if pilgrims by your side
Faint and grow weary, or wander from their Guide?
Don’t let their failure to you a hindrance prove;
Press on the way marked out by boundless love.

What does it matter, when heav’n is the goal
That God has promised ev’ry ransomed soul!
Tho’ many stumble, and are not true,
What does it matter, really matter to you?

If you can help them, why, lend a willing hand;
Speak words of comfort to cheer the struggling band;
Seek out the erring who miss the narrow way,
But do not let their sin lead you astray. [Chorus]

Tho’ others stumble in pitfalls ev’ry day,
What will you profit in falling by the way?
If some about you shall fail to win a crown,
Will you the happier be to lose your own? [Chorus]