What Evil Can Such Teachers Do

What evil can such teachers do,
Who only boast to make a shew!
They aim at nothing that is good,
As Paul to the Gallatians shew’d.

They lay a burthen on the flock,
But will not join to bear the yoke;
They seek their gain in other’s loss:
To screen them from the Saviour’s Cross.

Their aim is not the Saviour’s cause,
They glory in their own applause–
They seek the world with its esteem:
The Cross is foolishness with them.

But O, it is a diff’rent case,
With those who teach the plan of grace,
Their carnal lusts are crucified,
And they are by the world denied.

They teach the truth, God’s holy word
The word of life, the sure record!
They shew that Jesus’ blood alone,
Could for the sins of man atone.

No ordinance could e’er avail,
Their best efforts for ever fail;
When they have done all they an do,
They cannot form the mind anew.

But diff’rent is the Gospel pow’r,
God’s image lost, it an restore–
Poor fallen man condemn’d to pain,
In Jesus are renew’d again.