What Gives The Power What Gives The Migh

What gives the power, what gives the might
And courage to the Christian knight?
What is the best fortification?
What sword can conquer every nation,
And never once did break or bend?
It is the Word that God did send.

What arrow fleet doth never yield?
Doth break and puncture every shield?
What two-edges sword through heart and feeling
Doth pierce and soon the wound is healing;
And makes the enemy a friend?
It is the Word that God did send.

What, like a whirlwind in its might,
With power of thunder to affright,
Speaks to the sinner’s heart and feeling,
And causes to come o’er him stealing
Thoughts of the awful judgment hour?
It is God’s holy Word of power.

What, whispering like the zephyrs low,
Doth peace and happiness bestow,
Doth wipe the tears and stop the sighing,
And bringeth comfort to the dying;
And light’neth sorrow’s heavy load?
It is the Word, the Word of God.