What Good Can Come From Faith Alone

What good can come from faith alone?
A man in need must deeds be shown.
To say, God bless, keep warm, well fed-
What good is that? Your faith is dead!

For faith alone is dead and vain;
Without good works, there is no gain.
For faith must prove itself by deeds,
And faith by works is made complete.

You can’t have faith apart from deeds,
And each good deed from faith proceeds.
Belief in God is not enough;
Even the demons do that much. [Refrain]

Our father Abraham was named
A righteous man who had no blame;
Because he offered up his son,
His faith and actions worked as one. [Refrain]

To Rahab, though a prostitute,
God did full righteousness impute.
For she gave lodging to the spies
And hid them from pursuers’ eyes. [Refrain]

Lord, may I put my faith to work;
May I do good and never shirk.
And may I ne’er be heard to say,
My faith is all I need today. [Refrain]