What Good News The Angels Bring

What good news the angels bring
What glad tidings of our King
CHRIST our LORD is born to-day,
CHRIST who takes our sins away.
Him, who rules in heav’n and earth,
Hath in Bethleh’m his birth:
Him shall all the people see,
And rejoice eternally.

Lift your hearts and voices high,
With Hosannas fill the sky;
“Glory be to GOD above,”
GOD is invinite in love:
“Peace on earth, good will to men!”
Now with us our GOD is seen:
Angels join with us in praise!
Help to sing redeeming grace.

Now the wall is broken down,
Now the Gospel is made known;
Now the door is open wide,
CHRIST for Jew and Gentile dy’d.
All who feel the wieght of sin,
All who languish to be clean;
All who for redemption groan,
May be sav’d by faith alone.

JESUS is the lovely nane;
This the angel doth proclaim;
He shall all his people save,
They in him remission ahve:
When thy see themselves undone,
They take refuge in the Son;
They shall all be born again,
And with him in glory reign.

Shout ye nations of the earth,
Sing the triumphs of his birth;
All the world by him is blest,
Sound his praise from East to West:
Jews and Gentiles jointly sing,
CHRIST our common LORD and King,
CHRIST our life, our joy, our song,
To eternity prolong!