What Hath The World To Equal This

What hath the world to equal this,
The solid peace,the heavenly bliss
The joy immortal, life divine,
The love of Jesus, ever mine;
Greater joys I’m born to know,
From terrestrial
To celestial,
When I up to Jesus go.

When I shall leave this house of clay,
The glorious angels shall convey
Upon their golden wings shall I
Be wafted far above the sky,
There behold him free from harms;
Beauty vernal
Spring eternal,
In my lovely Jesu’s arms.

There in sweet silent rapture wait,
Till the saints’ number is complete,
Till the last trump of God shall sound,
Break up the graves and tear the ground;
Then descending with the Lamb,
Every spirit
Shall inherit
Bodies of eternal frame.

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,