What Have I Done For The Savior

What have I done for the Savior?
I ask when the day is done;
Oh, what have I done to merit
The love of that mighty One?
Who left the bright courts of glory
To suffer and die for me;
Who gave himself as a ransom,
That from sin I might be free.

What have I done for the Savior,
My great Redeemer and Lord?
What have I done to inherit
The joys of the great reward?

What have I done for the Savior?
Whose glorious work divine
Hath wrought a change so wondrous
In this happy heart of mine?
And whose ever blessed spirit
My wandering feet shall guide;
If within his saving mercy,
I shall trustingly bide. [Refrain]

What have I done for the Savior?
For all of his wond’rous love,
He who has promised a mansion
In yon bright heaven above?
What have I done? ah! but little,
Oh, nothing at all to repay
For all the wonderful kindness
Bestowed upon me each day. [Refrain]