What Hinders Your Coming To Jesus

What hinders your coming to Jesus,
What hinders your coming today?
He offers His grace and His pardon,
Tell Jesus what stands in the way.

What is it that hinders your coming?
You may find this salvation today;
The Saviour is ready and waiting,
O why do you longer delay?

If pleasures and earthly enjoyment
Have hindered your coming before,
O tarry no longer but prove Him,
Who offers you joy evermore. [Chorus]

The fearful, the troubled and doubting,
May lovingly lean on His breast;
O trust Him who offers salvation,
Come now to His arms and be blest. [Chorus]

What hinders your coming to Jesus?
The fear that you may not hold out?
His mercy endureth forever,
O how can you linger in doubt? [Chorus]