What I Am Thine Eye Can See

What I am, Thine eye can see,
Yet I come, O Lord, to Thee:
Tho’ my sins are crimson red,
Yet for me Thy blood was shed.

This my plea, my only plea:
Thro’ Thy off’ring once for me,
I may cast myself on Thee,
Jesus, my Redeemer.

As I am, I seek Thy face,
Kneeling at the door of Grace;
O forgive this heart of mine,
Cleanse me now and seal me Thine. [Chorus]

As I am, O blessed Lord,
I believe and trust Thy word;
Let my soul no longer roam,
Take, O take the wand’rer home. [Chorus]

Lost, but found, my sins forgiv’n,
Child of God and heir of Heav’n;
Lost, but found, what joy is mine!
Thou dost cleanse and keep me Thine. [Chorus]