What If All The World Was Given Unto Me

What if all the world was given unto me.
   In the sight of men, how exalted I would be?
   If I have not Jesus when I come to die,
   All the world can never satisfy.

   Though I possess no treasures here below,
   Though I but few life’s pleasures ever know,
   With the gift of heaven, Jesus crucified,
   I’ll be satisfied, I’ll be satisfied.

Compliments are pleasant, those who thus are blessed,
   Kindly smiles and greetings brings us happiness.
   In the gloomy shadows, when the end is night,
All our earthly friends cannot satisfy.      Chorus

Honor and position may your fortune be,
   Life with tears and heartaches may you never see,
   All of these will vanish when you come to die.
   Only Jesus Christ will satisfy.      Chorus

Palaces and mansion* you may never own,
   In your earthly pathway humble and alone.
   If you have the gift that money cannot buy,
   When all else have failed, it will satisfy.      Chorus

*As published in Song of Paradise (). Original key = Ab

*As published in New Songs of Paradise ().