What Is Faith It Is Believing

What is faith? it is believing
That God’s promises are true,
Gladly taking what He offers,
Knowing that it is for you.

‘Tis just to take Him at His word,
Simply take Him at His word, that is faith;
‘Tis just to trust Him and receive Him,
And then to rest on what He saith.

What is faith? ’tis simply trusting,
Leaning on the Mighty One,
Putting all your weight upon Him,
Yielding all to Him alone. [Refrain]

What is trust? ’tis faith relying
On the One who never fails,
Well assured that “He is able,”
That His blood for sin avails. [Refrain]

What is rest? ’tis faith reclining
In the Everlasting arms,
Doubts removed, and burdens banished,
Perfect peace amid alarms. [Refrain]