What Is The Crown That Saints Shall Wear

What is the crown that saints shall wear,
When thorny paths are ended?
God’s name upon each forehead fair
Shall shine, a token splendid.

A precious crown! a glorious crown!
A crown that fadeth never!
Who bears his name, come loss or shame,
Shall wear this crown forever.

Fade, fade ye wreaths of earth’s renown,
Grow pale, ye star-flames gleaming,
His saints shall wear a brighter crown,
In endless glory beaming. [Refrain]

And shall these brows be brightly crowned
That once with pain were aching,
Or wrinkled with cares toilsome round,
Or pale with mute heart-breaking. [Refrain]

Then smooth the weary bands of care,
Refrain thine eyes from weeping,
This is the crown that saints shall wear,
The crown that Christ is keeping. [Refrain]