What Is The Noise Of Battle

What is the noise of battle?
What are the loud alarms?
Borne along is the shout of men,
The clash of arms!
See where the flag is flying!
See where the swords are bright!
Hark to the song of the warriors brave,
Of truth and right!

Facing the foe together,
Fighting the fight of faith,
Strong in Him who leads us on,
And true till death!
Facing the foe together,
Fighting the fight of faith,
String in the might of the Lord, our God,
And true till death!

They are the Master’s soldiers,
Ever alert and strong,
They will never give way to sin,
Or yield to wrong;
They are the knights of story,
Banners of Christ they bear,
Onward they go in the might of the Lord
They do and dare! [Refrain]

Will you not come and join them?
They are in need of you;
You can enter the mighty ranks
Of brave and true;
Boys, with your heart of courage,
Girls, with you hearts of love,
Enter and join in the work of the Lord
Who reigns above! [Refrain]

So shall you fight and conquer,
So shall the foe be slain,
So the kingdom of Jesus Christ
Shall come again!
So when your life is over,
Ended the grief and pain,
Ye who were comrades of battle on earth
In heav’n shall reign! [Refrain]