What Joy And What Peace I Shall Know

What joy and what peace I shall know
When closes my life’s’ earthly day,
For I shall be called from below,
And heaven is not far away.

I shall be satisfied then;
I shall be satisfied then;
With Jesus in perfect control,
While glory is flooding my soul,
And the years of eternity roll;
I shall be satisfied then.

I tried the vain pleasures of sin
Before He spoke peace to my soul,
They brought condemnation within,
But Jesus thro’ faith made me whole. [Refrain]

Salvation is now my own theme,
Yet half of it cannot be told;
“He died all mankind to redeem,”
That story can never grow old. [Refrain]

And when all my labors are o’er,
Then I shall pass on thro’ the tomb
To live with my Lord ever more;
In heaven I know there is room. [Refrain]