What Joy It Is To Praise Our God

What joy it is to praise our God
with instruments and voice,
and name the countless reasons that
God gives us to rejoice,
yet some find other ways to show
a grateful, loving heart.
Thanksgiving is their way of life,
and praise is just the start.

A statesman gladly hammers out
his praise in building homes;
a mission mother cares for those
who thought they’d die alone.
A preacher leads a freedom march,
a lawyer aids a child;
a bishop helps men face the truth
and all are reconciled.

God, in the best and worst of times,
you bless us many ways.
Give us a sense of gratitude
that goes beyond mere praise.
Like faithful leaders that we know,
may we each find a role
where we can share love’s healing balm
and make the wounded whole.