What Language Now Salutes The Ear

What language now salutes the ear,
And ’tis our Father’s voice!
Let all the world attentive hear,
And ev’ry soul rejoice.

Sinner, he kindly speaks to thee,
However vile thou art;
Here’s grace and pardon, rich and free–
My son, give me thy heart.

For thee, a traitor, Jesus bled,
And suffer’d dreadful smart;
For thee the Lord was crucifi’d–
My son, give me thy heart.

Tho’ thou hast long my grace withstood,
And said to me, “Depart;
I claim the purchase of my blood–
My son, give me thy heart.

I’ll for thee for myself alone,
And ev’ry good impart;
I’ll make my great salvation known–
My son, give me thy heart.

Come, Lord, and conquer now my heart,
Set up in me thy throne:
Bid sin and satan hence depart,
And claim me as thine own.