What Man Forever He Be That Salvation

What man soever he be that
salvation will attaine:
The Catholike beliefe he must
before all things retaine.
Which faith unlesse he holy keep,
and undifiledly;
without all doubt eternally
he shall be sure to die.

The Catholike beliefe is this,
that God we worship one
In Trinity; and Trinity
in Unity alone,
So as we neither do confound
nor mixe the persons three;
Nor yet the substance whole of one
in sunder parted be.

One person of the Father is,
another of the Son:
Another person proper of
the Holy Ghost alone.
Of Father Son and Holy Ghostt
but one the God-head is,
Like glory coeternall eke
the Majesty likewise.

Such as the Father is such is
the Son to each degree;
And such also we do believe
the Holy Ghost to be;
Uncreate is the Father and
uncreate is the Son;
The Holy Ghost uncreate, so
uncreate is each one.

Incomprehensible Father is,
incomprehensible Son;
And comprehensible also is
the Holy Ghost of none.
The Father is eternall and
the Son eternall so;
And in like sort eternall is
the Holy Ghost also.

And yet though we believe that each
of these eternall be
Yet there but one Eternall is,
and not eternals three.
As be incomprehensible we,
be yet uncreate three;
But one incomprehnsible one
uncreate hold to be:

Almighty so the Father is,
the Son almighty so;
And in like sort almighty is
the Holy Ghost also.
And albeit that every one
of these almighty be;
Yet there but one almighty is;
and not almighties three.

The Father God is, God the Son,
God Holy Ghost also,
Yet are there not three Gods in all,
but one God and no mo
So likewise Lord the Father is,
and Lord also the Son;
And Lord the Holy Ghost, yet are
there not three Lords, but one.

For as we are compel’d to grant
by Christian verity,
Each of the persons by himselfe
both God and Lord to be.
So Catholik Religion
forbiddeth us alway,
That either God’s be three,
or that three Lords be there to say.

Of none the Father is, ne made,
ne create nor begot.
The Son is of the Father,
not create, ne made, but got,
The Holy Ghost if os them both,
the Father and the Sonne;
Ne made, ne create nor begot,
but doth proceed alone.

So we one Father hold, not three;
one Sonne also, not three:
One Holy Ghost alone, and not
three Holy Ghosts to be,
None of this Trinity before
nor after other is:
Ne greater any than the rest;
ne lesser be likewise.

But every one among themselves
of all the Persons three,
Together coeternall all
and all coequall be.
So Unity in Trinity,
as said it is before:
And Trinity in Unity,
in all things we adore.

Therefore what man soever that
salvation will attaine
This faith touching the Trinity,
of force he must retaine.
And needfull to eternall life
it is that every wight
Of the incarnating of Christ
our Lord believer aright.

For this the right faith is, that we
believe and eke do know,
That Christ our Lord the Sonne of God,
is God and man also.
God of his Fathers substance got
before the world began;
And of his mother substance born,
in world a very man.

Both perfect God and perfect man,
in one, one Jesus Christ,
That doth of reasonable soule,
and humane flesh subsist.
Touching his God-head equall with
his Father God is he:
Touching his Man-hood, lower than
his Father in degree.

Who though he be both very God,
and very man also;
Yet is he but one Christ alone,
and is not persons two.
One, not by turning of God-head
into the flesh of man;
But by taking man-hood to God,
this being one began.

All one, not by confounding of
the substance into one;
But onely by the unity
that is of one person.
For as the reasonable soule
and flesh but one man is,
So in one person God and Man
is but one Christ likewise.

Who suffered for to save us all,
to hell he did descend;
The third day rose againe from death,
to heaven he did ascend.
He sits at the right hand of God,
th’Almighty Father ther;
From thence to judge the quick & dead,
againe he shall appeare.

At whose return all men shall rise
with bodies new restor’d;
And of their own works they shall give
account unto the Lord.
And they into eternall life
shall go that have done well,
Who have done ill, shall go into
eternall fire to dwell.

This is the Catholike beliefe,
who doth not faithfully
Believe the same, without all doubt
he saved cannot be.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
all glory be therefore:
As in the beginning was is now,
and shall be evermore.