What Message Of Eternal Grace

What message of eternal grace,
Rings out to all mankind?
What glorious gift of wondrous worth,
May all creation find,
May all creation find?

For God so lov’d the world that the Son of His love He gave,
That whosoever believeth, whosoever believeth in Him,
Blest life everlasting shall have,
Blest life everlasting shall have,
Whosoever believeth,
Blest life shall have.

What promise from the land above,
Illumines earth’s dark night?
What news shines out to all the world,
With everlasting light,
With everlasting light? [Refrain]

What token of a Father’s love,
To erring children giv’n?
What shining way laid down for all,
From earth to highest heav’n,
From earth to highest heav’n? [Refrain]