What Now Is Dwelling Within My Heart

What now is dwelling within my heart
Bidding its sorrows and care depart?
Peace that another can ne’er impart,-
Only the love of Jesus.

Who died on the cross for me?
Whose blood is my only plea?
Who broke my fetters and set me free?
‘Tis Jesus, Jesus,
‘Tis Jesus.

What is the blessing that gives me cheer
When life is weary, and skies are drear,
That bids me trust Him and never fear?
Only the love of Jesus. [Refrain]

What is the power that makes me strong,
Right ever loving and hating wrong,
That keeps me safely my journey long?
Only the love of Jesus. [Refrain]

What will support me when life is past,
Ever about me to hold me fast.
To bring me safely to heav’n at last?
Only the love of Jesus. [Refrain]