What Poor Despised Company

What poor despised company
Of travelers are these,
Who walk in yonder narrow way,
The world they cannot please?

His yoke is easy, his burden’s light,
I find it so, I find it so,
He leadeth me by day and by night,
Where living waters flow.

Ah, these are of a royal line,
All children of a King;
Heirs of immortal crowns divine,
And lo, for joy they sing. [Chorus]

But why keep they that narrow road,
That rugged, thorny maze?
Why, that’s the way their Leader trod,
They love and keep his ways. [Chorus]

Why must they shun the pleasant path,
That worldings love so well?
Because that is the road to death,
The open road to hell. [Chorus]

What, is there then no other road
To Salem’s happy ground?
Christ is the only way to God,
None other can be found. [Chorus]

I’d rather be the last of them,
Who are the Lord’s alone,
Than wear a royal diadem, and sit upon a throne.