What Says The Clock When It Softly Strik

What says the clock when it softly strikes one?
On earth as in heaven may God’s will be done.

What is the message it rings out at two?
In word and in action, dear children, be true.

What is the promise it whispers at three?
My grace, day by day, is sufficient for thee.

The Good Shepherd speaks, what says he at four?
Love me, little lambs, and be mine evermore.

What is the word when the bell rings at five?
To serve God in truth let each little one strive.

Hark to the clock as the hour strikes six:
On Jesus your hope and your happiness fix.

Seven is the hour? What lesson for seven?
Of such little ones is the kingdom of heaven.

Listen, O listen! the clock striketh eight,
And this is the message,-Come now, do not wait.

What says the clock when the hour is nine?
The night and the daytime, O Father, are Thine.

Ten are the strokes that ring out on the air:
The message is tender, He carries your care.

Hark as the hour of eleven rings clear,
Repeating-Trust Jesus, for still he is near.

Twelve says the clock. Now what word doth it tell?
‘T is midnight! God watches, and all shall be well.