What Scenes Of Horror And Of Dread

What scenes of horror and of dread
Await the sinner’s dying bed!
Death’s terrors all appear in sight,
Presages of eternal night.

His sins in dreadful order rise,
And fill his soul with sad surprise;
Mount Sinai’s thunder shuns his ears,
And not one ray of hope appears.

Tormenting pangs distract his breast;
Where’er he turns he finds no rest;
Death strikes the blow; he groans and cries,
And in despair and horror dies.

Not so the heir of heavenly bliss:–
His soul is filled with conscious peace;
A steady faith subdues his fear!
He sees the happy Canaan near,

His mind is tranquil and serene;
No terrors in his looks are seen;
His Savior’s smile dispels the gloom,
And smooths his passage to the tomb.

Lord! make my faith and love sincere,
My judgment sound, my conscience clear:
And, when the toils of life are past,
May I be found in peace at last.