What Shall Be The Tribute

What shall be the tribute that today we bring
To our loving Father that he most will prize?
What have we to offer this Redeemer King?-
O a heart of love is precious in his eyes.

Loving Father, take the gifts we bring,-
Earnest hearts and loyal to the King!
Help us live for others as for thee,
Till we sing thy praises in eternity.

Just a heart that loves him, and is glad to do
Something for the Master, tho’ the deed be small,
Loyal, willing, loving, all life’s journey thro’,
Just a heart that loves and trusts him all in all. [Refrain]

Bring we each our off’ring to the King, and say,-
Take this heart, my Father, full of love for thee;
Mould it to thy purpose in thine own good way;
Make our lives what thou wouldst have them, Lord, to be. [Refrain]