What Shall I A Sinner Do

What shall I, a sinner, do?
Whither shall I turn for aid?
Conscience waking brings to view
Sins that make me sore afraid.
This my confidence shall be,
Jesus, I will cleave to Thee.

True, I have transgress’d Thy will,
Oft have grieved Thee by my sin,
Yet I know Thou lov’st me still,
For I hear Thy voice within;
Then, though sin accuses me,
Jesus, I will cleave to Thee.

Here the Christians oft must bear
Many a cross and bitter smart
If their lot in this I share,
Shall I waver or depart?
Loyal still my heart shall be,
Jesus, still I cleave to Thee.

Well I know this life of ours
Is but as a fleeting dream;
Round us darkness ever lowers,
Death is nearer than we deem;
Who knows what to-day may see?
Jesus, I will cleave to Thee.

If I die, I do but cease
Sooner from this toil and care,
And I rest in perfect peace
In the grave, since Thou wert there;
There Thy light shall comfort me,
There too I will cleave to Thee.

Then, Lord Jesu, Thou art mine,
Till Thou bring me to that place
Where I shall for ever shine
In Thy light, and see Thy face:
Blessed will that haven be!
Jesus, I will cleave to Thee.