What Shall I Do When My Way Is All Cloud

What shall I do when my way is all clouded,
When o’er my path shines no bright guiding ray;
All is obscure, and with darkness enshrouded,
Never a voice saying, This is the way.

Be silent to God! Still the voice of thy grieving;
Turn from thy thinking and agonized prayer.
Patiently wait, in His loving hands leaving
All of thy hopes, and thy burdens and care.

When hope deferred brings thy heart nigh to breaking,
With upward looking thine eyes seem to fail;
When thy poor heart has grown weary with aching,
And pow’rs of evil thy spirit assail. [Refrain]

Still then thy heart for the voice that would guide thee,
Hush every thought that His word you may hear.
Fear not the way, for whate’er may betide thee,
He will be with thee to help and to cheer. [Refrain]