What Shall We Do For The Desert Is Lonel

What shall we do, for the desert is lonely,
Here have we lingered till close of the day;
Father, ’tis nightfall, Thy children are hungry,
Lord, we shall faint if Thou send us away;
Rugged and cold are the mountains before us,
If we must perish, we’ll die at Thy feet;
Thou hast the bread that endureth forever,
Savior, dear Savior, O give us to eat.

Grant us a faith that is firm and abiding,
Faith that relies on Thy promise alone;
Willing to trust Thee and wait for Thy blessing,
Pleading no merit, no worth of its own;
Where shall we turn for the sunlight of comfort,
Where but to Thee in this barren retreat?
Still do we hunger and thirst in the desert,
Savior, dear Savior, O give us to eat.

Thanks for the dew of Thy soul cheering presence,
Dropping like rain, as we journey along;
Nourished and fed from Thy storehouse of mercy,
Love be our watchword, and Jesus our song;
Only in Thee is our hope of salvation,
Only in Thee is our rapture complete;
If but the crumbs that may fall from Thy table,
Savior, dear Savior, O give us to eat.