What Works Of Wisdom Power And Love

What works of wisdom, pow’r and love,
Do Jesus’ high commission prove!
Attest his heav’n-derived claim,
And glorify his Father’s name!

On eyes that never saw the day,
He pours the bright celestial ray;
And deafen’d ears, by him unbound,
Catch all the harmony of sound.

Lameness takes up it’s bed, and goes
Rejoicing in the strength that flows
Through ev’ry nerve; and, free from pain,
Pours forth to God the grateful strain.

The shatter’d mind his word restores,
And tunes afresh the mental pow’rs;
The dead revive, to life return,
And bid affection cease to mourn.

Canst thou, my soul, these wonders trace,
And not admire Jehovah’s grace?
Canst thou behold thy Saviour’s Pow’r,
And not believe, obey, adore?