What Ye Do For One Of These

“What ye do for one of these,” says Jesus,
“For the poor and lonely, sick and sad;
I will count as tokens from my children,
Rendered unto me to make me glad.”

Just a kindly word, a helpful deed,
Just a ready hand for some one’s need;
Just a cup of water, freely shared,
Just an hour of service, gladly spared;
These shall be the gifts that we can bring,
This shall be our homage to our King,
For we have His word, that He will claim,
Whatsoe’er we do in His dear name.

Ev’ry act that helps a weaker brother,
Sets a weary soul from error free;
On it all He sets His seal of blessing,
Saying, “Ye have done it unto Me.” [Chorus]

May we be alert and ever ready,
quick to do a service for His sake;
Seeking no reward, or earthly praising,
Knocking what a recompense He’ll make. [Chorus]