When Adam Fell The Frame Entire

I. When Adam fell, the Frame entire
Of Nature was infected,
The Source, whence came the Poison dire,
Was not to be corrected,
But by God’s Grace, which saves our Race
From its entire Destruction.
The fatal Lust, indulg’d at first,
Of Death was the Production.

II. Since EVE by Satan was intic’d
T’indulge her Deviation
From GOD’S Command (which she despis’d,”
And ruin the Creation;
What shou’d be done? but GOD the SON
Must in our very Nature
Retrieve our Loss by’s Blood and Cross,
And save the Rebel-Creature.

III. By one Man’s Guilt we are enslav’d
To Sin, Death, Hell and Devil;
But by another’s Grace was sav’d
Mankind from all this Evil:
And as we all, by ADAM’S Fall
Were sentenc’d to Damnation;
So the Nam-God has by his Blood
Regain’d our lost Salvation.

IV. Has God bestow’d his only Son
On us rebellious Creatures,
To save our Souls, which were undone,
And wash our sinful Natures
From all their Guilt by th’ Blood he spilt;
By’s Death and Resurrection?
Then no Delay; this is the Day
T’insure thy own Election.

V. CHRIST is the Way, the Light, the Door,
The Hope and Life eternal,
The Father’s Word and Counsellor
To conquer Pow’rs infernal;
Our strongest Shield, t’obtain the Field;
The Helmet of Salvation.
Have we a Share in him, who dare
Assign us to Damnation?

VI. That Man is impious and unjust,
His Hope’s Abomination,
Who does in God not put his Trust,
For Help and for Salvation:
He that will frame another Name
Than CHRIST’S, to justifie him,
Will soon renounce his Confidence,
When SATAN comes to try him.

VII. But who makes God his Hope and Trust,
Shall never be confounded,
No Cleaver to this Rock is lost,
Tho’ ev’ry where surrounded
With daring Foes and trying Woes;
His Faith yet stands unshaken.
Who loves the Lord, shall by no Sword
Nor Woe be overtaken.

VIII. I send my Cries unto the Lord,
My Heart implores his Favour,
To grant me of his living Word
A never failing Savour;
That Sin and Shame may lose the Claim
To hinder my Salvation;
In CHRIST, the Scope of all my Hope,
I ‘scape Death and Damnation.

IX. Thy Word’s a Lanthorn to my Feet;
My Soul’s best Information;
My surest Guide and Path to meet
The Morning of Salvation:
This leading Star, where’t doth appear,
Reveals those heav’nly Graces,
Which are laid up for all that hope
To taste the Lord’s Embraces.