When Anguished And Perplexed I Lift My

When anguish’d and perplex’d I lift my weary eyes
Up to Thy hills, O Lord, and tell Thee all that grieves me,
Thou hearken’st to my sighs,
And never comfortless Thy inner presence leaves me.

My help and my defence come, faithful God, from Thee,
By whom were fix’d the heavens, and laid the earth’s foundation;
Man cannot succour me,
Before Thy throne alone is refuge and salvation.

Thou watchest that my foot should neither slip nor stray,
Thou guidest me Thyself, though dark the course I travel;
Thou pointest me the way,
The snares of sin and earth for me Thou dost unravel.

Guardian of Israel, Thou no rest or sleep dost know,
Thy watchful eye beholds in earth’s obscurest regions
Who bravely meets Thy foe,
And bears the Cross on high, still true to our allegiance.

And when Thou bidd’st me leave this world of strife and pain,
A steadfast hope in Thee, a quick release, oh grant me,
And let me rise again,
To dwell where death and war no more shall vex and haunt me.