When As We Sat In Babylon

When we did sit in Babylon
the rivers round about,
Then in remembrance of Sion
the tears for grief burst out.

We hang’d our harps and instruments
the willow-trees upon:
For in that place men for their use
had planted many one.

Then they to whom we prisoners were
said to us tauntingly,
Now let us hear your Hebrew songs
and pleasant melody.

Alas! said we, who can once frame
his heavy heart to sing
The praises of our loving God,
thus under a strange king?

But yet if I Jerusalem
out of my heart let slide,
Then let my fingers quite forget
the warbling harp to guide;

And let my tongue within my mouth
be tyed for ever fast,
If I rejoice before I see
thy full deliv’rance past.

Therefore, O Lord, remember now
the cursed noise and cry,
That Edom’s sons against us made,
when they raz’d our city.

Remember, Lord, their cruel words,
when with a mighty sound
They cried, Down, yea, down with it
unto the very ground.

Even so shalt thou, O Babylon,
at length to dust be brought;
And happy shall that man be call’d,
that our revenge hath wrought.

Yea, blessed shall that man be call’d,
that takes thy little ones
And dasheth them in pieces small
against the very stones.