When Christ Beheld In Sinful Sins Dark N

When Christ beheld, in sinful night,
His bride, deceived, enslaved and lost;
Compassion brought a saving light,
And paid the ransom’s awful cost.
Oh, bride, he gave his life for thee,
His blood thy cleansing hath secured.
Let holiness thy garments be;
Thy pure heart never be allured.

Thy plighted faith to him, thy Lord,
Thy bridal veil doth ever show.
Thy husband, he; thy law his word;
None other law or service know.
Thy modest ways are his delight;
By humble graces art thou known.
An heir of glory, this thy right,
To share with Christ a royal throne.

Exalted by such heav’nly grace,
The church in patience doth abide,
And waits to see his glorious face
When Christ shall come to own his bride.
O wondrous love! yet all for me.
My love in him will I confide.
My heart is longing, Christ, for thee;
Where thou art, there would I abide.