When Christ Let His Disciples Know

When Christ let his Disciples know,
That he should soon depart:
And leave them to this world below–
It griev’d them to their heart.

To them he also testified,
What sorrows they would have:
That they should see him crucified,
And laid into the grave.

Sure that was more distressing still,
Such words as these to hear;
And much contrary to their will,
That Christ such things should bear.

They hop’d a great and better thing,
When first with him they join’d;
They hop’d that he would be their King,
And govern to their mind.

God’s counsels were to them unknown,
They knew not his decree;
That Jesus should for sin attone,
By dying on the tree.

When we first join with Jesus too,
Our hearts are over joy’d;
When we have him no more in view,
Then is our peace destroy’d.

Like the Disciples we do mourn,
When Jesus disappears;
Like they we find reproach and scorn,
And many doubts and fears.

But our great consolation is:
He will return again–
If we but trust his promises,
Our peace shall still remain.