When Christ Shall Rend From End To End

When Christ shall rend from end to end
The regions of the air;
And split the skies in twain likewise,
Then he’ll himself appear.

Then he’ll appear a drawing near
With armies broad and long;
In rank and file ten thousand mile,
Then we shall see the throng.

Then he will tell the archangel
To blow the trumpet loud,
Then all may hear both far and near;
Oh, then you’ll see the crowd.

When he will call, both great and small,
The beggar, prince and drudge;
The high, and low, the poor also,
To come before the judge.

The sheep shall stand at Christ’s right hand,
But goats at his left side:
All shall appear, from far and near,
To have their causes tried.

Then he will say, depart away,
Ye goats go down to dwell,
With the devil and his angels,
In a prepared hell.

But to the rest “Come up ye blest,”
(The Savior he will say)
“Come dwell above, and rest in Love,
To one eternal day.

“When you’ve been there ten thousand year,
Bright sining like the sun,
You’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when you first begun.

“Those robes you wear, so bright, and fair,
Which dazzle like the sun,
I’ve kept above, wrapt up in love;
Angels ne’er had them on.

“But know my bride, had I not died,
You must have naked gone;
They’re made for you, I know they’ll do,
For I have tried them on.

“Now who are they that dare to say,
I’ve been too kind to these?
A right I have to damn or save,
Or do just what I please.”

Jesus I thirst, and go I must,
I long to be above;
I long to sing, and praise my King,
Where oceans flow with love.

The Christian’s duty, exhibited in a series of hymns,