When Christ Was On The Mount Revealed

When Christ was on the mount reveal’d
In his Disciples view,
Their hearts with dread and fear was fill’d,
With joy, and wonder too.

Their feeble eyes could scarce behold
The brightness of his face;
The Sun with all his glory could,
Dart no such glorious rays.

To prove that Jesus was the Lord,
Elias did appear;
And Moses bore the same record,
Whilst both convers’d him there.

A gracious voice from heaven came:
This is mine only son!
Give praise and honour to his name,
And make his glories known.

Should we not wish with him to dwell?
And view him ever more;
Like the Disciples, hear and feel
His glory, love and pow’r.

Can such a sight of Christ below
Transport our souls with love?
Far greater joys will He bestow,
In the bright world above.