When Countless Numbers Came To Share

When countless numbers came to share
The healing power our Lord possessed,
And, groaning ‘neath its weight of care,
His human nature sighed for rest,
‘Twas then he sought that calm retreat,
And welcome found in every heart,
Where Mary at his sacred feet
Had learned to choose the better part.

Dear home at Bethany!
Sweet home at Bethany!
Where Jesus oft would steal away
To those he love at Bethany.

There gentle peace with silver tone
Breathed hallowed music thro’ the place,
And christian faith divinely shone
From eye to eye, from face to face;
And when the Master’s step drew near,
At early morn or close of day,
What joy to each their guest to cheer,-
Their heavenly guest at Bethany. [Refrain]

His presence shed a lustre bright,
A holy calm they knew so well,
And from his lips, with pure delight,
They reverenced every word that fell;
O blessed Master, precious Friend,
For this we ask, for this we pray,
That thou in love will condescend
To make our souls thy Bethany. [Refrain]