When Darkening Shadow Round Me Falls

When darkening shadow ’round me falls,
And light and hope seem gone,
There is one thought my heart upholds;
It is, I’m not alone.

No, never alone, Jesus’ followers be;
He’s ever near, why should we fear?
Our Guide and Hope is He.

His eye can pierce the darkest cloud,
His arm all danger stay;
He waits for neither look nor word,
Our troubles to allay. [Refrain]

When sorrows come with crushing blow,
O’er my defenseless head;
I tremble not, for well I know
Who by my side doth tread. [Refrain]

So, cheerfully I’ll travel on
Through life’s dark, thorny way;
I’ll fear no ill, I’m not alone
While Jesus is my stay. [Refrain]