When Darkness Shrouds Your Lonely Path

When darkness shrouds your lonely path,
And long and dreary seems the way,
With aching heart and tearful eyes
You sigh in vain for break of day,
O pilgrim, then look up; behold!
A Bright light shining in the sky,
The “Bright and Morning Star” appears;
He’ll wipe the tears from ev’ry eye.

He comes to bind the broken heart;
He comes to make the darkness light,
To guide your weary feet to find
The blessed morn that hath no night.
And when your soul shall joyful rise
To its celestial home on high
The Lord shall lead you tenderly,
He’ll wipe the tears from ev’ry eye.

In pastures green ye shall lie down,
And rest beside the living spring;
Oh, joy of joys! when heaven is gained
Ye shall not want for anything,
For there shall be no pain nor death;
Ye shall not sorrow, neither cry.
For God himself shall be your God,
He’ll wipe the tears from ev’ry eye.