When David Was A King

When David was a King,
He used to dance and sing,
To stop his noise his own wife him implored;
But he danced with all his might,
For he had a prefect right,
To sing and shout and dance before the Lord.

There’s music there,
There’s music there
The “hallelujah chorus” is sung there;
Throughout eternal day,
The saints in glory say:
“I’m glad I was a pilgrim there.”

When Daniel went to pray,
Three times in ev’ry day,
Altho’ they said the wild beasts should him eat;
The lions took lockjaw,
And could not raise a paw,
And there old Satan Daniel did defeat. [Refrain]

The prodigal ran away,
No doubt he went to stay,
But feeding swine he felt so dreadful bad;
He came back home once more,
And found an open door,
His father had to shout, he felt so glad. [Refrain]

When Paul and Silas sang,
The cells with music rang,
No doubt the pris’ners thought they’d better pray;
For an earthquake shook the jail,
That made the keeper quail,
In face he got converted right away. [Refrain]

Oh, in the glory-land,
The music will be grand,
We’ll meet our loved ones who have gone before;
We’ll have a great time there,
For our throats will all be clear,
We’ll sing and dance upon the golden shore. [Refrain]