When Did Ever Words So Tender

When did ever words so tender
Fall on mortal ears before,
As the blessed words of Jesus,-
“Go thy way, and sin nor more.”
Pardoned! oh, that word of rapture!
As I knelt at Mercy’s door,
Burdened with my sin and sorrow,-
“Go thy way, and sin no more.”

Jesus spake, and then the power
Of his great salvation came;
All the bonds of sin were broken:
Glory! glory! to his name.
“Rise, forgiven, O child of sorrow;
Rise, for lo! thy light hath come;
Put thy beauteous garments on thee;
Take thy staff, and journey home.”

“I will know the way thou takest
Till thou stand on Canaan’s shore;
Never, never will I leave thee;
Go thy way, and sin no more.”
“From the world I will not take thee
Till the battle strife is o’er;
From its evil I will keep thee;
Go thy way, and sin no more.”

O the fight! I’ve learned to love it,
For the victory is mine;
In the cross of Christ I glory,
Triumphing in love divine.
O the dawn of heaven’s glory!
O the day that has no night!
O the sun that finds no zenith!
O the host in raiment bright!

Oh, the King who dwells among them
In his beauty I shall see;
Heav’n shall ring with loud hosannas
Unto him who died for me.
But, ‘mid all the joys of heaven,
I will ne’er forget the hour
When my Saviour said “Forgiven!
Go thy way, and sin no more.”