When Entering The Portals Of Pearl

When ent’ring the portals of pearl
I’ll meet all the lov’d and the blest,
And gaze on the city of gold,
And see the bright mansions of rest.

O glorious sight! transcendent delight!
The King in His beauty to see;
His image to bear, and His glory to share,
O, that will be heaven for me, for me,
O, that will be heaven for me.

Away from these scenes of delight,
My eyes I shall hasten to turn
To Him who hath ransom’d my soul,
To Jesus, the Lamb on the throne. [Chorus]

Whom have I in heaven but Thee?
No object, below or above,
So precious as Jesus to me,
So wondrous, so boundless His love! [Chorus]

To dwell in His presence on high,
His own blessed image to bear,-
This, this is the fulness of joy
My spirit is longing to share! [Chorus]