When I See The Blessings

When I see the blessings strewn upon my way,
Fully, freely given ev’ry day,
From my heart an anthem rises to my King,
Like a peal of gladness, joy-bells ring.

Joy-bells, joy-bells, ring within my heart,
When I read the story of my Father’s glory,
Yes, the job-bells, joy-bells, into music start,
Joy-bells ring within my heart.

All His loving kindness, all His tender care,
Mercies that surround me ev’rywhere,
Wake a thankful chorus, songs of gladness raise,
Set the joy-bells ringing in His praise. [Refrain]

Gratitude and gladness, thankfulness and love,
From my heart shall ever rise above,
Like a note of music from a golden string,
Like a chime of joy-bells to my King. [Refrain]