When I Think About The Lilies

When I think about the lilies of the field,
How they grow;
And the sparrows which the Father deigns to shield,
Then I know
He will guard his weary child
When the night is dark and wild,
And his pow’r in my behalf will surely wield,
It is so.

I can trust him, ever trust him,
All along life’s troubled way!
I can trust him, sweetly trust him,
Trust him fully day by day.

When I think about the manna which he gave,
Long ago,
And the brazen serpent lifted up to save
Men from woe;
Of the pillar in the sky,
Of the Savior ever nigh,
I can trust him even when into the grave
I must go. [Refrain]

When I think about that night upon the sea,
Dark and chill;
He rebuked the waves and uttered his decree,
“Peace, be still,”
And the billows did obey,
And the tempest died away;
Oh, I know that he will do the same for me,
Yes, he will. [Refrain]