When I Walk In Gods Clear Sunlight

When I walk in God’s clear sunlight,
With its beauty beaming fair,
Or when shadows seem to gather,
I may see Him ev’rywhere.

He will lead me, He will lead me,
Be my true and constant guide;
He will lead me, He will lead me,
In His love I may abide.

Tho’ amid the deepest darkness,
I may surely trust the Lord;
He hath never yet forsaken,
He will keep His promised word. [Refrain]

Tho’ all friendships may be broken,
And the hand of death be laid,
In His might and love confiding,
I shall never be afraid. [Refrain]

When to me shall come the glory
Of the heav’nly mansions bright,
Still the song I shall be singing,
In that home of pure delight. [Refrain]