When I Walk The Rugged Pathway

When I walk the rugged pathway,
Fraught with sorrow, toil and woe,
Thro’ the darkness or thro’ danger,
Jesus will be there I know.

Jesus will be there I know,
When I tread the vale of woe;
Or wherever I may journey,
Jesus will be there I know.

When I climb the highest mountain,
When I tread the dreary vale;
I shall never be discouraged,
For His love can never fail. [Refrain]

Should the darkness hover o’er me,
And the way be rough and drear;
While my Saviour goes before me,
There is naught for me to fear. [Refrain]

When the floods of death are gath’ring
‘Round about on ev’ry side;
I shall see my Saviour standing
Near, to bear me o’er the tide. [Refrain]