When I Was Lost In Sin Chandler

When I was lost in sin, God’s spirit entered in
And plead, by grace divine, my wayward soul to win;
‘Twas there I gave my all in answer to His call,
And I became a messenger for Him.

A messenger for Christ, my King!
I’ll tell a world in darkness and in sin,
That Jesus died to save,
His life for us He gave,-
Oh, I will be a messenger for Him.

“The story old, yet new, Lord, just I tell it, too-
Is there no other work for Thee that I can do?”
“Lo! some will never know, unless to them YOU go!”
Then I became a messenger for Him. [Refrain]

Lord, make me ever bold! The story must be told!
Help me to spread abroad, wherever I may go,
The knowledge of Thy pow’r that saves each day and hour.
Oh, I would be a messenger for Him. [Refrain]