When I With Sin Was All Defiled

When I with sin was all defiled,
And sinking down in woe,
The blessed Saviour on me smiled,
And washed me white as snow.

Oh, plunge beneath the crimson flood,
And wash thy sins away;
For thee the Saviour shed His blood-
He’ll save, He’ll save today.

The joy the bliss of that glad hour,
No mortal tongue can tell,
When Jesus by His mighty power,
Saved my poor soul from hell. [Refrain]

By faith I tremblingly drew near,
And did my guilt confess;
He saw the penetential tear,
And deigned my soul to bless. [Refrain]

Dear sinner, hear the Saviour say,
In tones forever blest:
“I am the Life, the Truth, the Way!
In me ye shall find rest.” [Refrain]