When Jacob Met The Lord

When Jacob met the Lord upon that lonely night,
And wrestled there alone until the morning light;
He won a princely title to gird him for the right,
I want that kind of blessing.

I want, I want that kind of blessing,
That saves and keeps, and satisfies the soul;
I want, I want that full salvation
Till billows of heaven o’er me roll.

When Israel at last came into Canaan’s land,
The Lord his riches gave so full on ev’ry hand;
They drove their foes before them and dwelt a happy band,
I want that kind of blessing. [Refrain]

This is the day of grace, the Comforter is here,
We are a chosen race, our God is drawing near;
He’s waiting to be gracious the pray’r of faith to hear,
And then He’ll send the blessing. [Refrain]