When Jesus Came To Jericho

When Jesus came to Jericho,
a crowd was waiting there.
The rabbi’s miracles and deeds
were now known everywhere.
A tax collector climbed a tree
to see above the crowd.
The rabbi locked him in his gaze,
then spoke his name aloud.

Zacchaeus, high up in the tree,
looked down with great surprise,
and saw his clear reflection in
the rabbi’s knowing eyes.
He saw himself possessed by greed,
dishonest to the core,
despised by friend and foe alike
for always wanting more.

Ashamed, Zacchaeus hung his head,
and would have turned away,
except that Jesus said, “My friend,
We must have lunch today!”
Amazed, Zacchaeus raised his eyes
to Jesus’ kindly face,
and saw the love that welcomed him,
redeeming him with grace.

From that day on, Zacchaeus vowed
to change and make amends
for all that he had stolen from
his enemies and friends.
Whenever someone was in need,
he gladly did his part,
and all who knew him marveled at
his warm and giving heart.

Christ Jesus, come, call us by name,
and hold us in your gaze,
that we may also see and mourn
the error of our ways,
then joyfully receive your grace,
enabling us to see
and grow into the persons God
envisioned us to be.